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Welcome to our internet website! Applying our RGB Express hack method, RGB Express cheats and you will never have issue getting gems anymore.

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  • How using RGB Express hack
  • 1. Select Coins amount, press generate
  • 2. Enter RGB Express hack username
  • 3. Select platform
  • 4. Press CONTINUE
  • 5. Wait captcha (Human verification need to completeRGB Express cheats)
  • 6. SEE STATUS and IF no error then Login to game and PLAY!
  • RGB Express hack success!

Play it! Best of luck to you!

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RGB Express Hack Tool

Enter your e-mail or username to connect to your RGB Express account and select your platform.

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RGB Express Hack Tool

Generate Resources

Select the amount of resources you would like to generate to your account.

RGB Express Generator

Human Verification

Before we can add resources to your account we need to VERIFY that you are human and not an automated bot. This helps us regulate and prevent abuse of the hack.

  1. Please choose one offer, open them and complied to get your resources.
  2. Complete offer with real information.
  3. Check your RGB Express account for the resources.Check your Game account in few hours for your resources.(1 offer 5-10 min)

The selected resources will be automatically added to your RGB Express account upon completion.

Related video:

RGB Express is a unique and beautiful puzzle game. Simple to play, yet super addictive!

** Pocket Gamer GOLD AWARD winner!
** Already 7 million players! Thank you all!

You are running RGB Express, the one and only company specialized in delivering colors.

This is how you do it:
1) Draw routes for your drivers. Make sure that every house receives the correct package.
2) Press play
3) Sit back and watch while RGB Express delivers!

● 400 FREE levels
● Easy gameplay suitable for all ages
● Lots of challenges for puzzle game fans
● Beautiful graphics
● Excellent soundtrack and hilarious sound effects

The game starts off with easy puzzles, which will teach you the many tricks, that help you solve the more difficult ones.
There are bridges, buttons, sometimes you must swap cargo from one truck to another.. Eventually you will meet the mysterious white car!

Available In-App purchases:

The premium version of RGB Express
* Removes ads
* Supports game development and future updates

* The game contains 3 free hints that will help you if you get stuck. If you want to use more hints, you can buy them as in-app purchases.

* Please note:
Watching bonus videos after completing levels is optional. Press the arrow button to proceed to next level if you don’t wish to watch a video
* TIP: Sign-in to Google Play Games at the main menu to unlock achievements! If you change your phone or tablet, you can then restore your game progress by signing in to Google Play Games before completing any levels. Please note that this only restores the progress based on the achievements (100% completed islands).

Keep on truckin’!
Link to game

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